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Useful Information

What does “CLG Georgia” do for you?!

Cargo Logistics Group Georgia organizes:

Transporting cargos from loading place to an airport or/and port.

Customs clearance in the loading country.

Insurance of cargos in the loading country.

Airfreight, Sea freight service from an airport or/and port of loading country to an airport or/and port of unloading country. Also transporting cargos by truck.

Customs clearance in the unloading country.

The service of Cargo Logistics Group Georgia includes:

Permanent monitoring on Sea, Road, Air transporting of cargos.

Improving interaptions while transporting cargos by Sea, Road, as well as Air ways.

Informing and consulting customers with all required information about documents concerned with transporting cargos from Loading country to unloading country.

As you are informed by our web-site Cargo Logistics Group Georgia offers you full range of expedition and logistic service. We are always ready to consider all your enquiries and consult you in planning the transportation, choosing right route and transporting cargos. Send us your enquiries, questions, wishes and remarks on our E-mail: info@clg.ge

In defining your enquiries correctly will help you information about containers and basic terms of international trade and transportation.




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Cargo Logistics Group Georgia

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